Michael Phelps doesn’t like the new Olympic swimming events: ‘There’s too much going on’

There are some people excited to see the International Olympic Committee adding new events — including the men’s 800m and the women’s 1500m — that will improve gender balance in the pool.

But legend Michael Phelps doesn’t sound like one of them.

During an event promoting Krave Jerky at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers, Phelps was asked at a Q&A session for his thoughts on the new events, and whether they would give a swimmer a better chance at breaking his total medals record. Regarding the first part of that question, he gave this reply:

I don’t care if somebody does, to be honest. I think it’s good to have somebody out there that is willing to challenge themselves in a way that they had no idea, so if they have a chance to do something great like that, then I would love to see it.


Photo by Gage Skidmore


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