Australian laptops stolen from Rio 2016 Olympic Village during fire evacuation

Three laptops and items of clothing were stolen from the Australian apartments in the Olympic Village when the team was evacuated due to fire last week, it was revealed today.

Around 100 athletes and staff were forced to evacuate their building on Friday (July 29) after a small fire started in a litter bin in a parking lot in the basement of the building.

There was nobody injured and the team returned after the fire had been extinguished by emergency services.

Concerns primarily surrounded the fact that no fire alarm had gone off and staff were only alerted by the smell and sight of smoke.

It has been confirmed today, however, that items were taken during the evacuation, suggesting it may have been some sort of scam.

“We did lose some shirts and a couple of laptops, one on the fifth floor from a cycling official and one in the office downstairs,” said Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) spokesman Mike Tancred.

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