4 World Records On 3rd Day of Rome

Germany’s Paul Biedermann beat Michael Phelps with a new world record time of 1:42.00, where Phelps swam 1:43.22. Phelps’ world record was 1:42.96, before this. Britain’s Gemma Spofforth set a new world record in the 100 backstroke, with a time of 58.12, where Russia’s Anastasia Zueva in the semifinal set a world record time of 58.48. Cameron van der Burgh set a new world record in the 50 breaststroke semifinal, with a time of 26.74 where Brazil’s Felipe Franca da Silva’s world record was 26.89. And Italy’s italska Federica Pellegrini bettered her own world record in the 200 freestyle, from 1:54.47 to 1.53.67.


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