5 Things Swimming Will Teach You About Life


Description: Discover the greatest swimming lesson this sport can offer to you. A former competitive swimmer writes about how you can improve your life by practicing a sport and getting disciplined. It’s all here, get started now.

Swimming is not just a recreational activity. It is one that comes with life’s lessons. It is not just about medals, records, and life experiences. It is what you make out of the sport as a whole. Swimming is an avenue for the provision of the most basic and important things which are quintessential to you the remaining years of your life.

Here’s What Swimming Lesson You Can Take From This Sport

You will be surprised to find out that, in your personal relationships, career, and the likes, swimming will imbibe in you the significance of diligence, humility, and the essentiality of being a team player. People ask such questions like “how fast can a human swim?”, “how not to lose a game?” and the likes. Let’s see what swimming can teach you.

Work Hard

The first swimming lesson is to work hard. In life, there is nothing that comes easy. You have to work hard for anything you want. To amateurs who have no idea about how swimming works, they think it is easy. However, we make bold to inform you that there is nothing in life that happens devoid of effort.

The accomplishment of the good stuff will involve giving what might look like a piece of cake. When you work hard, and you are talented, you will surely achieve success, and this is one lesson which swimming gives you. Hence, for you to go far in life, you need to ensure you work hard to boost your confidence.

Swimming is not an easy sport, and it requires you to work hard. People who win laurels in swimming invest lots of effort into ensuring that they win. This swimming lesson comes after countless hours practicing to make sure they perfect their skills and moves. When there is a competition coming up, it is difficult for a swimmer to rest. They put all in place to ensure they leave no stone unturned.

Losing Is As Important As Winning

Photo by Emily Rose from Pexels

Winning is important, and losing is essential as well: this is an incredible swimming lesson. However, not everyone realizes this. For someone who does not understand the principle of winning and losing, they feel everything has ended when they lose. However, what you need to know is, losing is the ideal strategy you need to win. By the way, you can also apply this lesson, relationships, your career, and pretty much everything else on this website.

When you lose, it is the best time for you to reflect on your past schemes and put better measures in place for you to win.

In your swimming career, there are times you will win. You will definitely not like it, but you need to learn how to cope with moments when you lose. In addition to this, there are times in your career when you would win, and you must learn not to relax in moments like this. You would have to ensure you do not slack on your progress.

Having gone through this piece, you would realize that there are lots of benefits that come with swimming that are quintessential to life. You will realize that patience is one attribute that comes with swimming. For you to make big improvements, you need to exercise patience. This is not an attribute which many people have, but you must be patient so that you can achieve your goal in the long run. This was the last swimming lesson!

Cope With Setbacks and Failure

One life lesson you should know is that there will be ups and downs, and you need to be aware that life itself is not fair. Moreso, you should be aware that things would not always go the way you want it. There would be periods when you would invest lots of inputs, and it would not produce the required results.

There would also be times when you would feel frustrated and feel like giving up. The swimming lesson is that periods such as these, are times to sit back and reflect on the next possible moves to make. Taking a swimming lesson teaches you to be tough mentally. It also shows you to overcome and be humble as well.

People who are at the apex in the swimming world are people who have experienced setbacks and failures, and they refused to let it weigh them down.

Life Is A Process

Here’s another swimming lesson. Not everyone has an idea of how life works. For someone to be successful in life, the person needs to follow through the process which life brings. This lesson is what swimming comes with also. Before you become a renowned swimmer, you need to go through the process of practicing; moving on from the amateur stage to the professional stage.

It could take years to achieve this, but if you are consistent, you will become successful in no time. Another lesson about life which swimming teaches is, desiring something is not the same thing as accomplishing it.

For you to be successful, you need to go beyond the dream or fantasy stage. It is time for you to stop telling people about your dreams, and it is time for you to start acting on them.

Swimming proves to you that, when you have become acquainted with the process, you will become used to the goal.


Photo by Emily Rose from Pexels

The greatest swimming lesson of all? As you progress in life, one lesson you need to learn is discipline. In the process of advancing in your swimming career, one lesson you will learn is learning to be reliant on your self-strategies for you to stick to your training. As a swimmer, there would be times when you are tired out and feel like giving up.

There are times when you would have to give up the comfort of your bed so that you can practice. This is a level of commitment and the persistence which you need to attain before success sets in. If you want to know how to build self-discipline, you need to conquer your comfort zone. When you do this, you can be sure you have attained a level of discipline, which is a necessary ingredient for you to achieve much in life.


Success does not come easy in swimming, and the same applies to life, too. In life, there are unexpected expectations that might not complement what you want to achieve in life. You need to watch out for such occurrences and make sure they do not catch you unaware.

Even though you do not swim, it is essential to know that swimming as a sport and life itself have the same lesson application.

What do you think of all these? What’s the best swimming lesson for you? Write a comment below!

Author’s Bio: Rae-Rae is a former competitive swimmer who is currently involved in a fintech startup. She owes her business eagerness and drives to the long years she spent swimming and works with GoFameUs. Her main passions are writing and running.   

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