Hugues Duboscq and coach Paparradopoulos part ways

According to SwimNews, French breaststroke Olympic medallist Hugues Duboscq has finaly parted company with mentor and coach of 15 years, Christos Paparradoupolos, after dissapointing results at the French Olympic trials in Dunkirk last month. Duboscq telling L’Equiope:

“I hardly saw Christos in Dunkirk … after the races, he disappeared. Just like last year in Shanghai, where after the 100 breaststroke, I didn’t hear from him for three days. For years, after each of my performances, I was left to myself. The role of a coach is to be there no matter what. He must be present at the pool and afterwards. The swimmer who fails always turns to self-reflection – but he also needs to talk.”


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