Exclusive look at the Speedo Fastskin3 racing system

Iowa State University kinesiology professor Rick Sharp helped design the new Speedo Fastskin3 swimsuits that will be worn by the U.S. Olympic team and others in London, as well as the Speedo LZR Racer used at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. KCCI8 via the17thman


2 responses to “Exclusive look at the Speedo Fastskin3 racing system”

  1. Exclusive?? Avatar

    LOL…I think you guys have been hanging out too much with the swimming world guys. In what way is this “exclusive” if it’s a reposting of a reposting of a video produced by someone else?

    1. Yeah I know, a combination of my still struggling English skills and lazyness. A reuse of the YouTube video, “Get Exclusive Look At 2012 Olympic Swimsuits”. A few minutes later, I fell asleep on the couch :-)

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