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Exclusive look at the Speedo Fastskin3 racing system

Iowa State University kinesiology professor Rick Sharp helped design the new Speedo Fastskin3 swimsuits that will be worn by the…

Fun Angle On The Speedo Controversy

With outsider points like “In the same way that most men believe red sports cars are speedier than those of other hues, they believe Speedos go faster than normal trunks” and “Well, on behalf of readers, a friend of mine examined them to see if there was obvious NASA input. There were no rockets, fuel cells, turbo-chargers or loose O-rings, designed to fall off in mid-flight. Then he noticed the price-tag: US$800. That was the only bit that reminded him of NASA.”

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TYR Sues Speedo, Schubert, Vendt and USA Swimming

According to the Los Angeles Times, TYR has decided to sue Speedo, USA Swimming and Mark Schubert for having “combined to engage in a campaign of falsely disparaging the products of Speedo’s competitors, including TYR, for the purpose of inducing competitive swimmers to refrain from doing business with Speedo’s competitors”. And American swimmer Eric Vendt for breach of contract. See also SwimNews