Swimmers shy away from Speedo Fastskin3, choose LZR or other brands instead

According to CBS News (and hearsay in Debrecen), the Dutch squad has given up on new Speedo’s Fastskin3 racing system, opting for the 2010 LZR Racer Elite or other brands instead, national coach Titus Mennen going as far as calling the new suit “horrible”. USA’s Jessica Hardy also opts for LZR, saying that with the new Speedo goggles, “I can see more than I would like to see”. Italy’s Speedo sponsored Filippo Magnini has switched to Jaked with the logo blacked out, and Fabio Scozzoli wears the 2010 Speedo, saying “The new one compresses too much. It’s heavy at it seems like it holds water.” Speedo’s acute problem is that they cannot correct whatever faults there are in the newest version, because of FINA rules. Read more here on CBS News.


(Magnini after the Debrecen 100 freestyle, a happy man in an all-black suit)


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