High school coach resigns after pulling swimmer by her hair

Parents in Roseville, California are in an uproar after high school assistant swimming coach Geoff Capell tried to pull the captain of the school’s girls swimming team Jennifer McCarroll out of the pool by her hair during a swim meet last Friday. The action was caught on camera by the parent of another girl on the team.

Capell resigned a few days later, and the Roseville Joint Unified School District is apologising for his actions. But now Jennifer McCarroll’s mother claims her daughter is being bullied by teachers and pupils at the school, because they blame her for getting the coach fired. Apparently people are divided about the incident, discussing it with more than two thousand comments just on the original post on RivalsHigh.

The school principal is said to be investigating the incident, saying ‘bad choices’ had been made by both the coach and two swimmers. The girls might face some kind of disciplinary response from the team’s head swimming coach, who happens to be Geoff Capell’s daughter, Kelly Capell.

I say watch the fricking video.


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