Biological Males Are ‘Always’ Going to Be Faster: Emily Seebohm | Sky News Australia

Australian Swimmer Emily Seebohm has weighed into the transgender sporting debate saying there’s nothing worse than training for years only to have it thrown away because “someone was biologically fitter, stronger (and) faster than you”.

“Biological males are always going to be stronger, fitter, faster than biological females,” Ms Seebhom told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

The Olympic gold medallist agreed there should be a section for trans athletes to compete as an effort to include them into the sport as well as being “fair to every other athlete”.

“The government and the sporting organisations need to have something in place … so everyone can join our sport,” she said.

“If that means that we need a transgender section then we have that, we have that inclusion for them to join the sport and we have it so it’s fair for every other athlete too.

“Because there’s nothing worse than years and years of training and it just being thrown away because someone was biologically fitter, stronger (and) faster than you.”


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