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Did you catch Torri Huske’s American record-breaking 55.66 win in the 100-meter butterfly at the US Olympic Swimming Trials? One aspect of her race, in particular, caught our attention; her breathing pattern. Torri swims the first 50 meters using a one up, one down breathing pattern. This breathing pattern is perhaps the most common pattern we see swimmers use for the 100 butterfly, but does that mean everyone should be using it?

In the second 50 meters of her race, Torri changes her breathing pattern to a mainly two up, one down pattern, giving her more oxygen to finish the race strong. If you watched the race, you probably noticed how much Torri pulled away from the rest of the field in the second 50. We believe changing her breathing pattern helped her do that.

Depending on your age, level of swimming, gender, and aerobic shape, there is an optimal butterfly breathing pattern for you. In this video, we teach our Race Club campers several breathing patterns used by some of the best swimmers in the world and help them choose the appropriate one.

As the trials continue, The Race Club is eager to see other swimmers using different approaches to give them an edge over their competitors. Outside of USA Swimming, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. We’re sure to see more swimmers using similar techniques and can’t wait to share those with you when we do. Until then, check out our video to learn more about butterfly breathing patterns!

For the rest of our video series on butterfly breathing patterns, visit our site: https://theraceclub.com/video/butterf…


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