Diver finds lost camera at bottom of dark pool at Lynn Canyon, returns it to owner

An experienced free diver who explored the waters at Lynn Canyon last weekend has now returned a lost item that he found at the bottom of a dark pool.

Christopher Samson, a certified freediver, posted a catchy video online of his trip to Lynn Canyon. The narrated video includes footage of him and his young family as they made their way down the canyon trails, as well as underwater footage that he and a diving partner took during their exploration.

While he was filming his underwater dive, Samson’s flashlight happened upon something unusual.

“I went down and scooped it up and realized it was a top-model GoPro 8, the brand new one that was just released,” he said.

He tucked it inside his wetsuit, and when he got home, found a trove of footage. The camera contained video of a young man cliff-jumping at Lynn Valley.

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