How ‘Diving’ is the only way that you can truly rise | Pooja Banerjee | TEDxFORESchool

Falling Upwards is the concept of falling against the gravity, Pooja Banerjee talks about falling emotionally. This swimmer turned actress did not have it easy in her journey which she shares on the TEDxFORESchool platform. She talks about her falls, her adversities, and how she overcame them. The life lessons learned through the races that she won but still didn’t win were the ones providing her with experiences and the belief that we all are made of something much bigger than any fall that we might face in our life. Pooja Banerjee has represented Maharashtra at the national level swimming tournaments. She swam the 5 km sea race at the Arabian Sea and 14 km river race at river Hooghly. Banerjee has also played a swimmer, Rewa Mathur in Swim Team on Channel [V] India. She has played strong female figures on television and has broken a lot of female-oriented stereotypes.


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