Smart goggles: Here’s what it’s like to go swimming with FORM, premium AR goggles

Former Olympian and personal trainer Julia Russell tries out a pair of new AR swimmers goggles from FORM.

One summer weekend, I was granted two-day access to a nearby resort-style fitness facility with a deluxe indoor pool. So I went for a swim – while connected, of course.

Before leaving my apartment, I grabbed my iPhone (selfie or it didn’t happen), packed a pair of swimming trunks, and headed toward the door before realizing, “I forgot to charge my goggles.”

Yes, charge them – the same way you would your smartphone or your smartwatch. FORM, developed by a Vancouver-based startup, is what happens when your typical pair of swim goggles receive a total 2.0 upgrade. The water-friendly gadget is packed with hyped up tech like machine learning, augmented reality and real-time performance metrics.

I wanted to find out if the nifty eyewear from the future would live up to the hype and the results were, well, interesting.

See USA Today and read also this review on Engadget


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