Israeli Swim-Tech Company Aims To Make a Data Revolution

A new swim-tech company applies AI and computer vision to enable coaches and swimmers to measure all important metrics. SenSwim’s new solution requires no wearable devices to provide live feedback to every swimmer in a group using commercial cameras above the water line.

The Israeli national team will be the first in the world to use an innovative technology in their daily workouts. Following a live demonstration of the new SenSwim system, Israel’s national coaching staff, led by Luka Gabrilo, requested to purchase and be the first adopters of a groundbreaking technology.

SenSwim is a unique system that analyzes multiple swimmer’s performance in real time during workouts and competitions. It is the only system that offers a ‘video-only’ approach that requires no wearable devices on the swimmers. The cameras can be permanently installed on the ceiling or on a side wall, no underwater cameras needed.

It measures time, strokes, underwater dive and more, displays results to the swimmers on a screen and to the coach on his/her phone or tablet. It also manages the workout by starting (sending off) the swimmers by rows using countdown and sound. No need for a stopwatch or whistle anymore.

See SwimmingWorld Magazine and SenSwim


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