Why Swimmers Should Do Pilates


Meta description: Pilates along with good swimmers diet will enable people to have a strong and efficient stroke. Most swimmers find themselves moving crosswise on a clashing path with the line of the lane. Such swimming implies that the stability of the stroke of the person is not as required. Doing Pilates is what can get the swimmers back to the right place.

Why swimmers need to perform Pilates

It will help great lake swimmers to:

  • Enhance their streamlined posture.
  • Establish core power which causes a long tough stroke.
  • Do quick and tight moves.

Pilates strengthens the core, increases flexibility and mobility, lengthens the spine and works on the posture alignment. A swimmer’s posture when swimming impacts the position of his/her body which in turn affects the speed and stroke.

Movement training

When trainers start training swimmers, they begin by checking the flexion of their hip and the extension of their leg. They must also check the alignment, core strength and the mobility of their shoulders. Swimmers ear treatment is also important. Especially if you do not use swimmers ear plugs when swimming, ensure you get the necessary treatment to avoid damaging your ear if you want to go on swimming.

Trainers have like ten exercises which can show them what is happening in one’s body. They are able to determine which part of the body is not balanced and wherein the body is movement restricted.

They start by moving the swimmers because if they stand, their posture will not show their movement. When they notice something that can be corrected, they will offer exercises that will fix it.

Please note that you can always search the web for the right exercises. Though you should thoroughly investigate this matter and not be tempted by the “best online casino in uk” search request.

Shoulder-opening movements, for instance, might benefit people so much. This is because of the level of movement which takes place on the swimmers shoulder during swimming. Trainers are mostly interested in mobilizing the swimmers’ shoulders rather than just strengthening them.

The main ways of doing Pilates are:

  • Taking a mat class that does not entail any tools besides a mat (for instance the yoga mat).
  • Taking a session that entails equipment such as the Pilates reformer tool.
  • Taking a one-on-one session with the trainer.

Image by Meng Tang from Pixabay

All the above methods are good but if the trainees are few, the training will be customized to a swimmer’s specific requirements.

If a swimmer wants to sweat, then he or she should begin with the mat Pilates training that requires having a mat. A swimmer should be prepared to locate and feel his/her abs. There are many Pilates’ exercises which are highly beneficial and good for a long, tough, balanced, painless stroke. With the mat alone, swimmers can perform many exercises that empower the abs. The plank is good for stabilizing and linking the body from the top to the feet. Additionally, the movements elongate and make one’s spine stronger.


Those are the reasons why it is important for people to do Pilates. Those who have done vigorous yoga before will feel comfortable doing Pilates training.

About the author: Kaya Johnson is a 39-year-old travel enthusiast from United Kingdom. She lives in a city called Yorkshire and is fond of interpreting. Apart from her main activities, she also enjoys freelance writing for various online platforms.

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