Italian swimming champ suspected of doping use

Italian swimmer Filippo Magnini, a two-time world 100m freestyle champion, is being probed by the Italian National Doping Organisation (NADO) for “use or attempted use of doping products”, according to Italian media reports.

Magnini and another Italian swimmer, Michele Santucci will appear before investigators in the coming days as part of a NADO probe into the work of nutritionist and doctor Guido Porcellini.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that an investigation into Magnini had previously been ditched due to lack of evidence.

He was being investigated in the Porcellini affair, according to La Gazzetta, because some doping products allegedly acquired by Porcellini were reportedly destined for Magnini, but according to investigators he never used or even received them.

Porcellini, meanwhile, will appear before a court in Pesaro, Magnini’s home town in the centre of Italy, on November 7.

Magnini took to Twitter immediately to play down the announcement. “I believe that the NADO probe is an obligation linked to the criminal investigation into Porcellini. Investigators have already established that I had nothing to do with this case. Let’s be clear, thanks,” he wrote.

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