Teenage diver at Noosa Heads describes scary brush with whale calf

A teenager freediving at Noosa Heads has described the terrifying moment a humpback whale calf clipped his leg and sucked him underwater.

Connor Lyons, 19, was diving with two friends about 1km off the coast of Double Island Point north of Noosa in Queensland at midday yesterday.

Wearing just a snorkel and fins, Mr Lyons said he and his friends were about to head back to shore when they spotted an adult whale and its calf.

“Billy was back in the boat and me and my other mate Rheagan were still diving when he told us they were coming,” Mr Lyons said.

“We said he had better steer away from them because whales can be unpredictable when they have calves with them.

“We didn’t see them for a while and then all of a sudden they were right in front of us.”


Lost my flipper today 🐳 @wredge_myers @billykneale @hornyspearos

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