60 Days Down The Danube With Avram Iancu

On his fourth attempt, Romanian endurance athlete Avram Iancu completed a 17 hour 54 minute crossing of the English Channel.

Iancu will need that same depth of commitment and passion for open water swimming as he just set off on a 60-day stage swim of 2,860 km in the Danube River yesterday.

The 41-year-old librarian from Petrosani, Transylvania started his stage swim from Donaueschingen in the Black Forest in Germany. His finish is in Sulina on the Black Sea in Romania, planning to cross through ten countries and pass four capital cities without any fins or a wetsuit. His plans include swimming an average of ten hours a day with the goal to cover 50 km on each stage as he swims through dams, whirlpools, eddies and unpredictable weather accompanied by two kayakers.

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