Petition to End “Swimming With Dolphins” Programs Hits the Internet

With SeaWorld seeing attendance dips, its CEO step down, and people protesting the Miami Seaqiarium’s captivity of Lolita, more and more people are getting involved in trying to save aquatic animals from being used as playthings for tourists.

Now a new petition, this one targeting “swimming with dolphins” programs, has hit the internet pleading for Congress to step in and end the programs.

Swimming with dolphins is a popular tourist attraction throughout the state, including in South Florida, where you can swim with a porpoise for $100 a session.

Sponsored by his Dolphin Project, says swimming with dolphins programs pose a health risk not only to the animals but to people as well.

“There are hundreds of documented cases of injuries from participants, including reports that humans have been rammed or bitten by dolphins during their interactions,” the petition reads. “It is next to impossible to determine the behavior of a cetacean on a daily basis, especially considering captive dolphins are stressed and frustrated. Expecting the dolphins, children, and adults to follow the rules is extremely far-fetched.”

Read Broward / Palm Beach New Times

Photo by Upsilon Andromedae


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