Cyprus beach tragedy: Tourist ‘suffers fatal heart attack’ while giving CPR to swimmer

Two British tourists have died in Cyprus after one of them got into trouble in the sea and the other dived in to help.

Police said Harry Bernard, 61, from London, jumped into the water in Paphos to help Christine Sugarhood, 66. After pulling her out and performing CPR, Mr Bernard suffered a suspected heart attack.

According to local reports, Mrs Sugarhood, from Haywards Heath in West Sussex, may have gone into the water to help her husband Norman, who had got into difficulty in rough seas at about 5pm yesterday.

Police say Mr Sugarhood made it back to shore, but his wife lost consciousness, at which point Mr Bernard jumped in. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene, and took Mrs Sugarhood to a private clinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Read London Evening Standard


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