Teen dies three days after being underwater for 30 minutes

cesar-campuzanoRead for instance KATU and Oregon Live

15-year-old Cesar Campuzano died at 7:35 a.m. on Thursday, three days after he jumped into the Willamette River at Rogers Landing Park in Newberg, Oregon. He remained underwater for 30 minutes until rescuers were able to pull him from the river.

Witnesses said Campuzano jumped off a dock into the river on Monday as he was playing with several other boys. He thought the water was shallow then panicked when he realized how deep it actually was.

“I know he couldn’t swim. I don’t know why he would jump in,” said friend Jesus Valdez. “We’ve gone to the river and we’ve asked him a lot to jump in and he’s responded to us with a ‘no.’ I don’t know why he decided to jump in that day.”


One response to “Teen dies three days after being underwater for 30 minutes”

  1. You don’t know why he jumped? It’s called pressure, dude. You killed your friend.

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