Swedish swim guru Glen Christiansen recovering from near-fatal blackout injury


A gruesome tale in Swedish here on simma.nu/se, Swedish 1980 Olympian former breaststroke world record holder now swim entrepreneur Glen Christiansen is recovering from head injuries he received at the GC International in Tenerife in February, when he blacked out and fell 2 meters down a flight of stairs. The fall apparently because of a super stressful 6 month period, he split his scull from ear to ear and had to be flown to Hamburg in Germany, where he was put in a coma for three weeks, the doctors giving him a 30% chance to survive and even then with great risk of becoming mentally incapacitated. He was paralyzed in his left side and lost his ability to speak, and also suffered with a bout of pneumonia. But now fortunately he is recovering well, being able to walk and talk as before, only problem apparently a left hand that isn’t 100%. Doctors won’t allow him to swim yet (skull has to heal and stuff like that), but he’ll soon be back on the deck at least.

Here is a video with Glen doing good in Libanon back in 2011

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