Aussie relay admits taking Stilnox in London 2012 camp

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The six members of Australia’s ill-fated men’s 4x100m Olympic freestyle relay team are likely to face financial penalties from the Australian Olympic Committee.

It comes after they admitted deliberately breached the Australian Olympic team rules by taking the banned prescription drug Stilnox as part of a “bonding” night at their pre-Olympic camp in Manchester ahead of last year’s London Games.

Five of the six – world 100m freestyle champion James Magnussen, Eamon Sullivan, Matt Targett, Tommaso D’Orsogna and Cameron McEvoy – admitted to taking Stilnox tablets on their “bonding night” at the Manchester camp. The sixth man, James Roberts, said he did not take the tablet.

Sullivan and Targett admitted to supplying the drug to their teammates, although they insisted it was a “communal” decision to take the medication.


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