Emilia Pikkarainen sets Finnish record in the 100 butterfly

At the Märsky-uinnit 2012 yesterday, Finland’s Emilia Pikkarainen set a new Finnish record in the women’s 100 meter (long course) butterfly, clocking 59.07 in the morning heats and closing in fast on the FINA A Qualifying time of 58.70. Her old record was 59.26 from the Swedish Grand Prix 3 meet in Stockholm in March, the record before that a 59.39 from (I think) the Finnish National Championships in 2009. Suomen Uimaliitto via simma.nu/fi

lost and found

(Pikkarainen and Joensen at the Barcelona Airport en route to the Mare Nostrum meet in 2010, demonstrating the travel luck of Jón Bjarnason … luggage lost. Sorry Emilia, but this was the best picture I could find right now :-)


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