Our top ten stories from 2011


2011 has been a fun year here on Swimmer’s Daily, with increasing visit numbers since the sort-of-relaunch in March. Site focus is as the motto says ‘a fast fix blog about swimming’, that hopefully can provide readers with short bursts of fun and/or interesting swim-related content, as a break for instance between tedious training. Preferably visual. I don’t want to bore you with long rants or heavy statistics, so here are the most popular posts of 2011 …

  1. Larsen Jensen is a Navy Seal now (828)
  2. Girl on surfboard has close encounter with a feeding whale (736)
  3. Handicapped Swede wins Alcatraz Classic in record time (599)
  4. Monaco royal wedding guest list revealed (583)
  5. Female scientist strips naked to swim with belugas (576)
  6. NZ teen swimmer ‘divorces’ parents for Rhi Jeffrey (511)
  7. How to spot symptoms of dry and delayed drowning (465)
  8. FINA committee member Flavio Bomio arrested for child molestation (449)
  9. 50 of the best swimming blogs (435)
  10. Update on Maui Channel swimmer John Caughlin’s situation (391)

The numbers in parenthesis are the pageviews according to Google Analytics.

Image of Larsen Jensen with Michael Phelps, George W. Bush et al courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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