Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid

Yeah, you can be that, if you are really good-looking and know how to dolphin kick. I think she wastes quite a bit of energy by letting her bum rise up during the downward kick, but who am I to criticize … I’m no mermaid.

Hannah Mermaid swims Bali shipwreck from Hannah Fraser on Vimeo.

Brave lady, swimming with mantas, humpback whales and great whites

Hannah Mermaid and Ocean Animals from Hannah Fraser on Vimeo.

And she can talk too, like the fact that she sees ocean pollution as the biggest problem at the moment, more than for instance the Japanese dolphin hunt (even though she certainly doesn’t like that either). We are killing the sea, all of us.

Hannah mermaid speaks at Breathe Eco festival from Hannah Fraser on Vimeo.


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