Kenrick Monk changes story, wasn’t run down but fell off skateboard

Shock – after originally claiming that he was the victim of a possible intentional hit-an-run accident while riding a bicycle yesterday, Kenrick Monk now admits to have made up the story, lied to the police and the public, and that actually he just fell of his skateboard. “I think the car just sounded a bit more elaborate”, he told at a press conference in Brisbane, “basically it just snowballed and snowballed more and more”.

Not supposed to be engaging in dangerous or high impact spots, he said he was embarrassed for even being on a skateboard, given that he is training for the London Olympics. But then police told him a witness had come forward with evidence that conflicted with his own statement, resulting in him speaking with his parents and then changing his statement.

Now he faces a possible Swimming Australia disciplinary committee, while the police is considering whether to charge him for crime that could give up to 1 year in prison for lying to them and wasting their time, and still his arm is broken so badly in two places, that he’ll never be able to fully stretch it again.

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