Merrill swam for three hours to save his friends

Wednesday night, 25-year-old Collin Merrill’s boat capsized with two of his friends aboard, having left his cell phone, and having no idea whether or not anyone would be looking for them.

“One of the reasons I knew I had to swim for it was because we were heading to the jetties and the shipping channel and in the middle of the night we could have been run over by a tanker that wouldn’t have seen us”

He began swimming wearing one of the five life jackets he had on the boat. About halfway he really started to worry about whether he would make it, but still kept on knowing that if he didn’t, his friends might die.

“It was my responsibility to save them because I put them into the situation. Without me, they wouldn’t have been there. So I didn’t feel like a hero, but I felt blessed it all worked out”

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