Great Britain is the black hole of live streaming


British Swimming and the BBC are massively promoting their Big Splash campaign these days, with the very interesting Great Salford Swim being broadcasted live on BBC 2 tomorrow at 14:00 UK time, featuring Keri-Anne Payne, David Davies, Ian Thorpe and others. Things we really want to watch – but alas, for some reason the Brits don’t like the internet, or at least not us outside ‘their area’.

It bugs me majorly, that I still haven’t been able to see a glimpse of the Great London Swim 2010 elite men’s race from ten months ago, where our guy Pál Joensen finished fourth. Nothing official, and nothing unofficial. Searching for other stuff concerning British swimming, you might find some videos that play, but almost always without any kind of embed or share functionality. This is very much the internet of 3 years ago, compared to how for instance USA Swimming now are streaming live on, and how more and more broadcasters are encouraging everyone to watch by opening up their broadcasts and putting share and embed buttons on their live stream players.

Please let us watch, we promise to try not to break anything :-)


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  1. To be fair, France is not so good either, nor Germany, Italy, Russia or China. Maybe the only ones really opening up are USA and the Nordic countries. Don’t let us win :-)

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