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  • Swim legend Mark Spitz backs the Big Splash mile

    Fun fact in this video, Mark Spitz’s swimming career started with him doing well in a swim across a pool, mostly because he was called last because of his name starting with an “S”, and therefore was cold. Big Splash via the BBC

  • Great Britain is the black hole of live streaming

    British Swimming and the BBC are massively promoting their Big Splash campaign these days, with the very interesting Great Salford Swim being broadcasted live on BBC 2 tomorrow at 14:00 UK time, featuring Keri-Anne Payne, David Davies, Ian Thorpe and others. Things we really want to watch – but alas, for some reason the Brits…

  • The Big Splash has launched

    British Swimming announce today the launch of “the world’s largest celebration of swimming”, the Big Splash partnership between the BBC and British Swimming stretching 10 months, seeking to inspire the UK to get into the water. The first major event will be The Great Salford Swim on Sunday 15th May when thousands of swimmers including…

  • British Swimming and the BBC announce new 4 year rights deal

    British Swimming today announced a four year rights deal with the BBC to broadcast swimming and other aquatic sports in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, the Commonwealth Games 2014 and beyond. Also, they partner to launch the Big Splash, a UK-wide mass-participation campaign, to get people in the pool.