Bousquet accepts federation decision

Frédérick Bousquet will race for France at the world titles in Shanghai, after accepting the stance of his federation over a coaching-staff policy for world championships in Shanghai that will exclude the sprinter’s Australian coach at Auburn in the US, Brett Hawke.

Frédérick Bousquet at the Rijeka 2008 ESSC

Hawke himself is cited for telling French media L’Equipe that “I’m not in agreement with Fred over what he’s done, and Bousquet for saying “I am not going to say that I still believe in the Santa, but they [the French federation] support the fact that I would like me to have my coach by my side – and that that would not be a bad thing. Now, perhaps it is time to find peace within myself and with the federation too. It is a complicated situation but we should not let it rest there. There is always a way through.”.

Christian Donzé, technical director for France, tells the paper that “It is a very good news for the team of France.”, and team manager Lionel Horter that “I imagine that he thought long and realised that it was not possible for him to quit the sport.” Adding that Bousquet had been “clumsy”. Read


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