Frederick Bousquet threatens to boycott Shanghai


Frédérick Bousquet has placed himself on a collision course with the French federation by threatening to boycott Shanghai world titles if his coach at Auburn, Brett Hawke, is not on the deck in China as part of the France contingent.  Read more here on

Frédérick Bousquet at the Rijeka 2008 European Short Course Championships

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  1. L’Equipe article with video:

    He is really trash talking there, translation here accordingly to SwimNews:

    “If Brett is not there, I do not see why I would be there. I need to uphold my values … instilled in me, learned from my parents, those closest to me. If I bend I have to live with ideas that are not mine and that I do not accept, and I’m no longer a man. It is not the example which I want to give to my daughter. If today there is not resolution so that Brett is at the edge of the pool in Shanghai, this means that I am going to stop – its simple.”

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