15-year-old Henrik Christiansen 16:04.35 in the 1500 free

The Nordic countries are seeing great development in long distance swimming, with swimmers like Lotte Friis, Mads Glæsner and Pál Joensen taking international medals, and others coming up through the ranks. For instance yesterday in Norway, 15-year-old Henrik Christiansen improved upon his best 1500 meter effort with 50 seconds, going from 16:55.73 and a 18th spot on the Norwegian short course championships start list, to 16:04.35 and a bronze medal in the overall competition. Unfortunately this was during prelim heats, so we don’t see him here in the final video. Via www.simma.nu/no


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  1. His splitts 8.01. on the 750 meter and 8.03 on the last 750 meters.

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