Site Relaunched

Right, I have now switched content management system here, from Drupal to WordPress. All content has been migrated, except for a few spam comments, and I have tried to recreate the rest of the functionality as best as possible. With the biggest problem being, that the permalinks have changed a bit, from listing the month name as numbers instead of month short name (for instance “12” instead of “dec”).

Also, I think I’ll take this opportunity to switch the focus of this website, from being some kind of “world record alert blog”, to become more of a personal blog about swimming. Partly because the world records seem to have dried up by now, and partly because I tired of it. It is no fun just echoing names and times, when there are so many other reasons for me being involved in swimming. So I’ll of course still mention the occasional world record, when it is set, and spend the rest of my time here just blogging away about swimming.


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