Laura Funch (DEN), 25 meters in the plunge for distance


They call it an unofficial Danish record here on, the 25-meter ‘plunge for distance‘ that Laura Funch managed on June 26, 2012. According to Wikipedia, the current world record holder is Francis Winder (F.W.) Parrington, who on September 23, 1933 managed 86 feet 8 inches (26.42 meters).


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  1. I saw Jakup Andersen do this when he dropped by a Køge svømmeklub practice somewhere around 1999 or 2000. I was very impressed then but even more impressed now. Jakup got there much faster because of how much power he had, the most impressive part of this was how she held her line and composure for so long

  2. This is pretty impressive, but note that the world records of the early 20th century are based on a 60 second float time.  It took Laura more than a minute to travel the 25m.
    That being said, the amount she traveled in 60 seconds could well be a women’s world record, I am not sure what the final women’s record was before the event disappeared. Charlotte Boyle did 62 feet in 1917.

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