What Color Is Your Child’s Swimsuit? Aquatic Safety Group Names Best and Worst Options Ahead of Memorial Day

The color of your child’s bathing suit may be more important than you realize.

The results of a recent study indicate that brighter, neon swimsuits are the most easily visible when submerged below the surface of pools or open water. The findings also came just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, when families across the country may be taking their little ones to the water.

Alive Solutions, Inc., a consulting and education firm focusing on aquatic safety, conducted a series of tests with over a dozen swimsuit colors to come to their results.

In one of the first tests, 14 different suits in various colors were submerged in a pool with a light-colored (white) bottom, both with and without surface agitation of the water. The most visible swimsuits, as observed by Alive Solutions, were those in neon pink and neon orange. Swimsuits in white and light blue were deemed to be the least visible, as they “disappear” underwater. Darker colors, too, were a poor choice as they may “often be dismissed for a pile of leaves, dirt, or a shadow” on the pool’s bottom, Alive Solutions determined.



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