‘We can help reduce drownings by teaching young’ | Melanie Nocher, Olympic swimmer

Ireland’s double Olympic swimmer Melanie Nocher has an important message for guardians.

An estimated 700 families lose loved ones to drowning in the UK & Ireland every year, but Melanie can see easy ways to reduce this.

In aid of the Royal Life Saving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week, Melanie is asking guardians to teach their children about water safety from a young age, by signing them up to their local Learn to Swim programme or Swim School.

Giving them the opportunity to develop this important life skill and water safety knowledge at a young age, will hopefully set them up for life – and could one day end up saving that life.

For more information about learning to swim visit https://www.swimireland.ie/get-swimmi…

To find out more about water safety and Drowning Prevention Week visit https://www.swimireland.ie/news/swim-…


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