First Mermaid to Swim 10K in the World

On October 6th Estonian professional swimmer Merle Liivand will be swimming the Los Angeles Olympic Test course with the Mermail Tail. This 10 km (6.2 miles) swim has never been done by Mermaid Tail and she hopes to be the first person in the Earth to do it! She fights for our Oceans while swimming through hard waves and calling up the world to pick up microplastic that floats around in our oceans!

This swim will take place at Redondo Beach, California at 9 AM – come and watch her swim!

For those that want to join the open water races, there are still spots available in the 100m, 200m, 1km, 5km and10km! You still can sign up here with the discount code : mermaidlife


One response to “First Mermaid to Swim 10K in the World”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Sorry, but I monofinned a 10k race in Kona in 2015. I am preparing to be the first to monofin a channel in Hawaii later this summer. Also, there is a swimmer who was scheduled to monofin the English Channel in June, but I do not think it happened yet because of COVID-19.

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