Swimming with Nose Restrictions – Part 3


Using a Full Face Snorkel Mask

In my blog posts dated October 4th and November 9th, 2018, I talked about swimming with nose restrictions (deviated septum, allergies, sinusitis, perhaps a broken nose or nasal polyps).

I offered several swimming solutions for those that swim with any of these restrictions.

In this post, I am very excited to tell you about Wildhorn Outfitters!

They make a FULL FACE SWIM SNORKEL MASK! They say you will not have a sore jaw or gag reflex when using this full face snorkel. Why? There is nothing to ‘bite’ on like when you are using a regular snorkel tube.

You can swim Freestyle, Breaststroke or Sidestroke with ease and comfort using this snorkel. Wildhorn is saying that people love how naturally they can breathe with the FULL FACE SNORKEL MASK.

They also have a Lifetime Warranty on this product!! Wow-wee. Unbelievable.

A carrying bag is included. :-)

If you have a nose restriction of any kind, check out their informative and delightful website. And of course, if you are going to Hawaii or some other paradise location for the holidays, this incredible snorkel mask sounds like a must-have for your underwater adventures! I just ordered one for hubby and myself. Hubby has a deviated septum. Ugh.

I am in no way associated with Wildhorn Outfitters. But this Full Face Snorkel Mask looks and sounds amazing and I must share this information. Good luck with your swimming! Swimming is for life. Please do not give up!

Check out their website link below:


Guest post by Barbie Nelis

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