Learning to Freedive in Croatia with World-Class Professionals

If I say the word freediving, what comes to mind? The Big Blue, athletes, difficult, holding your breath for an insane amount of time…

When I first thought of freediving, that’s what came to my mind, particularly after watching the movie ‘The Big Blue’. Then, I interviewed Lidija Lijić as a ‘Character of the Sea’ and learned a little more. I was extremely impressed by her accomplishments and her beautiful-mad-passion for freediving but I never thought it was something that one could just ‘try’.

We finished the interview with Lidija telling me, that maybe I could come out with her one day; “sure” I said, thinking it was one of those idle promises or closing sentences but it turns out she was serious.

Two months later I got a message from Lidija asking if I would like to come out freediving with herself and Vitomir Maričić on Palmižana; I jumped at the chance but was quietly freaking out. I love the water and everything to do with it and have no issue swimming but I have never explored the depths. I have never been scuba diving and have issues diving below 2-metres as I have never been able to equalise properly; so, I doubted my capabilities but put on my big-girl-panties and off I went.

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