Business is booming for Abbotsford company that turns containers into swimming pools

How well is Paul Rathnam’s company Modpools doing converting shipping containers into swimming pools?

Well, he recently did a promotion with Walt Disney for its new cable TV series Siren. A mermaid swam in one of its pools at Comic-Con in New York.

Plus, Modpools did a shoe launch with Nike — also in New York.

“Next week, I’m going to a guy in Fresno who has a rescue centre for wild cats — the big kind that eat you,” Rathnam said.

“He wants one for his jaguars to swim in.”

Business, in other words, is doing really, really well.

In its first year of operation, Modpools expects sales of about $6 million. Not bad for a company that hasn’t spent a cent on marketing.

Read Vancouver Sun


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