Whistle-Blower Says He Told of Rio Olympics Corruption Years Ago

A former sports official in Brazil said he told the International Olympic Committee about corruption among organizers of the 2016 Rio Olympics several years ago – long before law enforcement officers raided the home of Brazil’s top Olympic official this week during a continuing investigation into corruption and bribery.

The police found the equivalent of $155,000 in cash at the home of Carlos Nuzman, one of the most influential members of the I.O.C. and a crucial architect of Rio de Janeiro’s successful bid to bring the Olympics to South America for the first time. Prosecutors in Brazil and France have said that victory, in which Rio defeated bids from Madrid and Chicago for the Summer Games, was tainted by a scheme to bribe voters.

The former official, Eric Maleson, who is now based in Boston, founded and led Brazil’s ice sports federation for more than a decade until his ouster in 2013. He said he had written several emails and letters to the I.O.C., warning of corruption at the Brazilian Olympic body. He shared some of the emails with The New York Times.

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