Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes, Greece – A beautiful place for swimming

If you are going to visit a beach on the island of Rhodes, you must visit what is now known as Anthony Quinn Bay, is a beautiful place for swimming. Only a few kilometres from Rhodes Town on the road aptly called“EO Rodou Lindos”, or road to Lindos! You first come across Anthony Quinn Bay.

Anthony Quinn Bay, is a beautiful. Secluded place for swimming. There’s usually only one or two other people there, definitely not packed with tourists.

Sitting on the sand with the water only a metre to a metre and half deep you will feel like you are far away from it all. It’s well worth an afternoon there on its own or as part of a tour taking in Kalethia Bay too.

The beauty of the bay is that it is free, full of sand and the only noise you will hear is the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline. You can look out to sea and see the occasional ferry or other boat passing.


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