Thom Browne puts the ‘suit’ in wetsuit

So while a coat and tie used to be an ill-fitting uniform symbolizing a life of 9-5 imprisonment, surfing isn’t anchored to just a beach bum lifestyle anymore either. Nowadays, a man wears a well-fitted suit because he wants to stick out. Meanwhile, surfing thrives on an experience of authentic self-expression and creativity. If you’re doing it right, you’re probably comfortable with others watching you ride a wave. And I’d say wearing a $3,900 wetsuit created by a high-end fashion designer would certainly be a way to stand out in the lineup. Sure, some dudes are going to be salty haters. But you were able to get your hands on a wetsuit worth nearly four grand. Let the haters hate.

Read The Inertia and see Thom Browne


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