USOC announces details of suspensions for Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers

The three American Olympic swimmers – Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger – involved with Ryan Lochte in the infamous gunpoint altercation in Rio De Janeiro last month have been suspended from the U.S. national team for four months, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced Thursday.

The USOC also announced details of Lochte’s previously reported 10-month suspension for his role in creating an international incident when he gave an exaggerated recounting of what happened to the four during a night out in Rio at the conclusion of last month’s Olympic swimming competition.

During their suspensions, all four swimmers:

  • Will not receive their monthly stipend from USA Swimming or the USOC.
  • Will not have support or access to USOC training centers or other facilities.
  • Will not be allowed to join the 2016 Team USA for its upcoming White House visit.
  • Will not be allowed to attend USA Swimming’s annual Golden Goggles event.

In addition, Lochte, whose 10-month suspension will have him miss the 2017 national championships, making him ineligible for the world championships, will forfeit his gold-medal bonus from the 2016 Rio Games and has to perform 20 hours of community service. Bentz has to perform 10 hours of community service for breaking USA Swimming’s Olympic Village curfew for athletes under 21.

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