Tennessee Fisherman Saves A Drowning Boater

A 19 year-old East Tennessee man was trying to spend a relaxing morning on the riverbank doing some fishing, but ended up in the water to save a man’s life.

Daniel Baldwin is in love with the sport of fishing. If he’s not in class at The University of Tennessee, he’s on the river angling for the next big catch. One of his favorite spots for bass fishing is at the boat launch of Norris Lake in Tazewell.

“I came here to shoot a video for YouTube about catching small mouths off these boats ramps in the summer time, but I walked away with something I’ll never forget for the rest of my entire life,” Baldwin said.

Because he was shooting a video, Baldwin had his GoPro strapped to his chest and had just started recording. That’s when he noticed a man just a few feet off shore fall into the water from his boat and start going under the water. Baldwin said he immediately realized the elderly man couldn’t swim and rushed to help, jumping into the eight to 10 feet deep water to get the man above the water and onto the shore.

The entire event was caught on camera from Baldwin’s point of view.

“I threw my rod down and jumped in there didn’t even think about anything else except for getting that man out of the water,” he explained.



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