Underwater hockey: Is it a sport?

Underwater hockey. Underwater WHAT? It’s hockey. Only it happens underwater. What’s so complicated about that? Some people think it means hockey sticks and (somehow) ice, but as a group of local players showed us, that’s not the case.

Here’s what it does mean: Underwater hockey involves six person teams wearing snorkels, masks and fins. They hold a 12-inch stick and try to use it to push a weighted puck along the bottom of the pool toward the goal—all while holding their breath.

Turns out, it’s not so easy. Just ask the Capital Region Underwater Hockey players. Many of them are former high school sprinters or even water polo players who have been bitten by the bug.

“It’s a lot different than a lot of sports because you can’t breathe when you want to,” one player pointed out.

So, is underwater hockey a sport? The players tell us once you try it, you’ll understand.

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