Ex-Stanford Swimmer Admits To Fondling, But Denies Raping Unconscious Woman At Frat Party

A former Stanford University student charged Wednesday with raping a drunk and unconscious woman at an on-campus fraternity party Jan. 18 admitted to sexually fondling her after consuming nine alcoholic drinks but denied raping her, according to a report from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

Brock Allen Turner, 19, charged Wednesday in Superior Court in Palo Alto with five felony counts of sexual assault, said he met the woman that night at a party at the Kappa Alpha House at 664 Lomita Court, and they ended up kissing while on the ground outside the house, according to a statement he gave to deputies assigned to the Stanford campus.

Turner said he took off the woman’s underwear, digitally penetrated her and touched her breasts, but never took off his pants, the report said.

He said that the woman rubbed his back and seemed to enjoy the activity and his “intentions were not to try and rape the girl without her consent” but to “’hook up’ with a girl,” the report said.

Read Palo Alto Patch and see ABC 7 News



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