Mark Foster launches campaign to get people active

Active Essex and Olympic swimming and TV personality Mark Foster launched “Get Active Essex” today, kicking off the sports campaign with a 3k park run in Central Park, Chelmsford.

Get Active Essex is a campaign that aims to encourage a healthier and more active county. Around 80 people attended the first event, some running, others walking, and some even undertaking the course with babies in buggies.

“We want to get as many people active in greater Essex a possible,” explained the chairman of Get Active, Gary Sullivan, who took part in the run.

“With this event, obviously park running has become increasingly popular, and we wanted to show people that you can do 3k in your lunch break – you can walk it in half an hour and you can run it even faster.

“So you can come back to your desk and treat yourself to that sandwich or cream bun knowing you have been active.”

As well as the 3k run, the campaign’s launch also included other sports demonstrations, including dance, bowls and seated exercise.

Mr Foster, who started the race, said: “When people start off doing anything, they are nervous or self-conscious and tend to look to role models like Usain Bolt, but there are so few Olympic athletes in the world, everyone starts somewhere so just get out there and do it.

“When I took part in Strictly Come Dancing, it was a massive challenge for me because I was out of my comfort zone – before then the only dancing I did was nodding my head at weddings, but then I ended up really enjoying it, so it’s great for people to do something new.”

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